Coming Up Next – The Funeral Event for The US Dollar

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Coming Up Next - The Funeral Event for The US DollarFrom the strongest currency about 40 years ago, the US dollar has now become the world’s problem currency, falling in value versus other major currencies and plunging versus gold and silver.

The spectacular growth of the past two decades was only mirage, generated by the smoke and mirrors of rising debt and the willingness of the rest of the world to accept a flood of new, freshly printed dollars.

Meanwhile, the U.S. debt piles up to a staggering $60 trillion, or $800,000 per family of four, a clearly irresponsible and unsustainable burden.

No real wealth has been created – wealth indeed has been systematically destroyed!

How Could This Happen to the Once Strongest Economy in the World?

In 1974 President Nixon convinced the senate to abandon the gold standard and pushed the rest of the world to make the dollar the global trading currency. In this very moment money became worthless currency and its destiny was set to the abyss.

Eventually, all great societies pass this way, running up unsustainable debts and printing currency in an increasingly desperate attempt to maintain the illusion of prosperity.

Every currency, also called fiat money, in history went the same way – toward it’s real value – zero. Fiat money has a 100% failure rate and it will happen with the US dollar again. It’s just a matter of time.

Either currencies simply collapse under the weight of their accumulated debt, as did the U.S. and Europe in the 1930s, or the government keeps running the printing presses until their currencies become worthless and their economies fall into chaos.

What Will Be The Consequences of the Collapsing Dollar?

In the coming decade, as the dollar will suffer one of the greatest meltdowns in monetary history, gold and silver will reclaim its place at the center of the global financial system, and its value will soar exponentially.

The only unambiguous winner in this financial crisis will be gold and silver.

As the US dollar collapses, the world will look for alternatives, one of which is sure to be gold and silver. Massive amounts of global capital will start chasing a very limited supply of gold and silver, sending its value through the roof.

Since August of 2008, the monetary base of the US Dollar system has grown from $800 Billion to a staggering $2.5 Trillion. The entire money supply has more than tripled in only 3 years! Clear signs of the beginning stage to hyperinflation.

Your Hard Earned Money Destroyed by The Printing Press

If in 1913 you bought an item for $100 then in 2010 the same item would cost $2209.20. That’s an inflation rate of 2109%.

One dollar in 1913 is worth now only five cents.

In the last 10 years average annual house hold income has declined by over 20%. Even if you got a raise on your salary you lost more than 20% of your purchase power when adjusted for inflation.  In the same period of time bonuses and compensations of Wall Street bankers and cooperate CEO’s have quadrupled!

The government is stealing your money legally!

There are only two ways out for the US of this financial disaster. Either they default and declare national bankruptcy or they print more money and end up in hyperinflation. In both ways gold and silver will go parabolic.

If you understand this financial cycle then you have a choice to prevent your money from becoming toilet paper, and even profit from the collapsing dollar by investing in gold and silver. Don’t underestimate this crisis It’s your life that’s on stake!

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