Silver Market Update – Week Ending September 28th, 2012

Silver Best Performing Commodity of the Third Quarter, Hedge Funds Turn Super Bullish on Silver After QE3 Announcement, China Silver Imports Make One Year High, Weak US Data Supports Precious Metals, Spanish and Greek Protests Scare Markets Again. Silver marked a second week where it consolidated its recent gains the week that ended September 28th. […]

Silver Price Targets of $50 Per Ounce Raised This Week

European Sovereign Debt Crisis Rolls On in Spain, Bank of America Forecasts Significantly Higher Precious Metals Prices, Silver Holdings Nearing Record Levels Again, China’s Manufacturing Sector Contracts Again, Silver Targets of $50 Per Ounce Raised This Week. After silver moved up for six weeks in a row, it would be reasonable to assume that it […]

Silver Market Update – Week Ending September 14th, 2012

German Constitutional Court Approves European Stability Mechanism, Italian Bond Auction Shows Results of Aggressive ECB Quantitative Easing, Fed Pulls The Trigger on Quantitative Easing to Infinity. Silver found yet another few reasons to continue its bullish breakout run in the week that ended September 14th. Last week, the European Central Bank promised to print as […]

How The Silver Deficit Will Drive Up The Price of Silver

Over the past decade, the supply of newly-refined silver has been less than that required to satisfy demand, with this deficit being largely met through reducing silver stocks which were mostly built up during the 1980s, when silver supplies exceeded demand. The market for the metal is in a supply deficit since around 1990. Did […]

Silver Market Update – Week Ending September 7th, 2012

ECB Finally Agrees to Print More Money, Silver Makes New Five Month High, Shanghai Silver Futures Hit Record Highs. For the last few weeks, silver has been on an unstoppable romp as it eliminated one resistance level after another. First $28.45 fell by the wayside. Then $30 per ounce met an untimely demise. Since then, […]