The Great Market Deception Steam Rolls On…A Little Longer!

The Crash of The U.S. Bond Market Will Be The Final Nail In The Coffin – This United States Treasury Sell off is For Real! – The Country Pays Around $223 Billion in Interest On Its Debt – Is the Economic Data Really Improving or Not? – Are Stock Market Prices At All Justified Today […]

The Fiction Finally Cracks And The Silver Price Stabilized

If the Federal Reserve Ever Really Stops Printing Money, Will Their “End of Easing” Actually Be Bad for Silver and Gold? – Is Safe Haven Buying of the Precious Metals Back as the World Economic Reality Finally Sets In? – Have We Really Managed to Dodge the Hyper-inflationary Bullet? This past week turned out to […]

The Great Financial Shell Game Continues

Does the Fed Really Ever Plan to Exit from Its QE3 Purchases? – The Fed Will Keep Printing Until Unemployment Rate Hits 6.5% – Industrial Production Slowed Down Again – Is The Objective U.S. Economic Data Really Improving? – Over $400 Billion Seeking An Investment Home. Just when you think that the devious and manipulating […]

How Much Silver is Left Out There?

It is always so much fun to turn on the mainstream financial media. You listen to them one day and hear a given explanation for the price movements in silver and gold. The next day, they will be happy to offer you a completely different explanation. Sometimes their new take on things is the opposite […]

The Fairy Tale of Mainstream Media and Investment Bank Analysts

Will Silver and Gold Reach their Former Highs Again? – Are Silver and Gold Really Overvalued and to Never Reach their Former Highs Again? – Will The Fed Actually Wrap Up QE3 in 2014? – How About the Big Jobs Report and Improving US Economic Data? It takes a huge amount of nerve to be […]