Two Simple Strategies to Profit From The Gold Silver Ratio

If you are unaware of the historical price relationship between gold and silver, then you are in the comfortable majority. It is a disadvantage not to understand the ratio that the two precious metals have traded at in the past, as you are missing out on opportunity to make money when the ratio changes to […]

Three Lessons I Learned From Starting to Invest in Silver

Investing in silver is an exciting and rewarding area with which to get involved. This last year alone, silver is up more than seventy-five percent. It would be a mistake to think that investing in silver is necessarily easy and nothing but nonstop one directional gains. The truth is that silver like all investments has […]

Silver Price Manipulation – Who Is Behind It?

The first week of May’s 2011 blood bath in the silver market has raised the suspicions of some analysts and traders. You may or may not have heard the word manipulation thrown around. This shockingly fast decline of silver by nearly thirty percent in less than a week conjures up memories of unfair price manipulation […]

5 Reasons Why Silver Is The Better Investment Than Gold

These days, every where you turn you hear financial channel talking heads and economic analysts extolling the virtues of investing in gold. Between inflation threats, instability in the Middle East, financial troubles in the Euro Zone, and the teetering on the brink of double dip recession American economy, there are plenty of good reasons for […]

Silver Will Skyrocket When The Leasing Scam is Revealed

When you think about silver prices, you probably do not realize that there is a manipulation that goes on every day that has held them artificially low. This phenomenon is called the silver leasing scam. After years of turning a blind eye to it, the Commodities and Futures Trading Commission has finally opened an exhaustive […]