China’s Secret Plan to Bankrupt Millions of Americans

A recent poll showed that Americans now consider China to be the second greatest enemy and threat to America now and for the future, with only Iran ranking as a greater danger to the nation. If you are in the significant majority of people who fear the rise of the dragon, then you have good […]

Silver Market Update – Week Ending August 3, 2012

Fed and ECB Both Disappoint Markets At Their Much Anticipated Meetings, CME Boosts Silver Prices When it Cut Margin Requirements for Silver Futures, U.S. Economy Adds More Jobs Than Expected, But the Unemployment Rate Still Rises. In last week’s update, you read how silver prices had been supported and boosted by the market’s conviction that […]

Coming Up Next – The Funeral Event for The US Dollar

From the strongest currency about 40 years ago, the US dollar has now become the world’s problem currency, falling in value versus other major currencies and plunging versus gold and silver. The spectacular growth of the past two decades was only mirage, generated by the smoke and mirrors of rising debt and the willingness of […]

Chinese Consumption of Precious Metals is Dramatically Going Up

Did you know that China holds the most investment seminars and summits focused on Gold and precious metals in the world? And you think only Wall Street is after the money! Beijing, Shanghai and other big Chinese cities now play host to more Bullion and precious metals investors and analysts these days than any where […]

Silver Market Update Second Half of July 2012

Silver started the last full week of July at $27.06 and finished up more than 2.5%. Needless to say, the white metal turned in a strong week’s performance after it had declined every other week for the month of July. This impressive performance happened despite the fact that a salvage company brought up a World […]