Financial Glossary Book – Understand Financial Terms

This practical financial glossary helps you understand and comprehend common financial terms. It was written with an emphasis to quickly grasp the context without using jargon. It is based on common usage as practiced by financial professionals. Compiled over the last 3 years from questions and feedback to financial articles published by the Wealth Building […]

What Silver Can Successfully Claim Over Paper Money

Something else that gold and silver can successfully claim over paper money is a far longer track record and history of actual utilization. Paper money finds its origins a few hundred years ago in the early modern age in Europe as a promise to pay gold. The Chinese used it in the seventh century in […]

The Fix Is In, But The Runaway Train Has Already Left the Station!

Is the World Really Stabilizing or Actually Falling Apart and Supporting Silver and Gold? – Did The G8 Just Dare to Contradict Both the Mainstream Financial Media and Wall Street with their Claims that Global Economics are Still Weak? – Will the Monetary Stimulus Exit Be Easy or Treacherous and What Does This Mean for […]

The End for Risky Assets and U.S. Government Finances

Huge Paradigm Shift Marks the Beginning of the End for Risky Assets and U.S. Government Finances! – Will US Involvement in Syria Really Amount to No Big Deal or Is This the Next Catalyst for Silver and Gold Prices? – Could The Fed’s Threat of “Tapering” Actually Help Silver Prices? – Do Rising Interest Rates […]

Uncertainty in the World is Bullish For Silver’s Safe Haven Nature

The Bernanke Put Begins to Lose It’s Magic – Are Silver and Gold Truly Unnecessary in A Day and Age Where the ECB Might Lower Rates to Negative? – ECB Ready To Move Deposit Rate to Negative – Can the “Bernanke Put” Really Continue to Roil Silver and Gold Markets? – The Warped Logic of […]