Thomas HeroldThomas Herold – Author
Thomas Herold is a successful entrepreneur and personal development coach. After a career with one of the largest electronic companies in the world, he realized that a regular job would never fully satisfy his need for connection on a deep level. The only way to live his full potential was to start building his own business and find new ways to be in service to others.

For over 25 years he has helped many people – including himself – build their dream businesses. Toward that goal, he focuses on education – simplified and enhanced by modern technology. He is the author of three books with over 200,000 copies distributed worldwide.

Other than his passion for creating businesses, Thomas has spent over 20 years in the self-development field. Placing emphasis on the exploration of consciousness and building practical applications that allow people to express their purpose and passion in life, Thomas’s work in this area has provided ample and happy proof that this approach works.

He believes that every person has at least one gift and that, when this gift is developed and nourished, it will serve as a fountainhead of personal happiness and help contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

For the past five years Thomas has studied the monetary system and has experienced some profound insights on how money and wealth are related. He has recently committed to sharing this knowledge in a new venture – Building Wealth with Silver, a book along with educational materials that designed to help people get started with silver investing.

Wesley David Crowder – Staff Writer

Wesley David Crowder is a widely read and top of class graduate of Stetson University. Here he obtained his bachelor of arts in History with minors in Latin American Studies, International Relations, and Economics. Since graduating in 1997, he has been successful at several endeavors, including writing historical and historical fiction books. His first published book, We Three Kings: Two Journeys of the Magi, is still available for purchase from major retailers ten years after it was published.

Not simply a published writer with a passion for the pursuit of writing, Wesley has also had a successful career as one of the top ranked salesmen for the world’s largest builder of tennis courts, Welch Tennis. Here he engaged with numerous General Managers, Construction Company presidents and managers, and tennis directors to sell more than $6 million dollars worth of tennis courts in six years’ time. He consistently performed as one of the top three salesmen in the national organization during his tenure here.

Wesley has also availed himself of a great deal of financial education. He received his commodities broker license and worked for a time as a Commodities broker. He has extensively studied and traded the stock market, precious metals markets, and foreign exchange markets. He actively keeps up with all news and events affecting economy and finance.

Wesley is currently a full time freelance writer specializing in financial, historical, business, and economic related topics. He works on behalf of several well respected writing companies, such as Text Brokers. He brings all of these various backgrounds and skills to his love of writing. Helping people to make their lives better through proactive encouragement and endeavors is Wesley’s main calling in life.  He is proud to be an active contributor to the Building Wealth with Silver website.