What Silver Can Successfully Claim Over Paper Money

Something else that gold and silver can successfully claim over paper money is a far longer track record and history of actual utilization. Paper money finds its origins a few hundred years ago in the early modern age in Europe as a promise to pay gold. The Chinese used it in the seventh century in […]

The Fix Is In, But The Runaway Train Has Already Left the Station!

Is the World Really Stabilizing or Actually Falling Apart and Supporting Silver and Gold? – Did The G8 Just Dare to Contradict Both the Mainstream Financial Media and Wall Street with their Claims that Global Economics are Still Weak? – Will the Monetary Stimulus Exit Be Easy or Treacherous and What Does This Mean for […]

The End for Risky Assets and U.S. Government Finances

Huge Paradigm Shift Marks the Beginning of the End for Risky Assets and U.S. Government Finances! – Will US Involvement in Syria Really Amount to No Big Deal or Is This the Next Catalyst for Silver and Gold Prices? – Could The Fed’s Threat of “Tapering” Actually Help Silver Prices? – Do Rising Interest Rates […]

Uncertainty in the World is Bullish For Silver’s Safe Haven Nature

The Bernanke Put Begins to Lose It’s Magic – Are Silver and Gold Truly Unnecessary in A Day and Age Where the ECB Might Lower Rates to Negative? – ECB Ready To Move Deposit Rate to Negative – Can the “Bernanke Put” Really Continue to Roil Silver and Gold Markets? – The Warped Logic of […]

The Great Market Deception Steam Rolls On…A Little Longer!

The Crash of The U.S. Bond Market Will Be The Final Nail In The Coffin – This United States Treasury Sell off is For Real! – The Country Pays Around $223 Billion in Interest On Its Debt – Is the Economic Data Really Improving or Not? – Are Stock Market Prices At All Justified Today […]

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